Sunday, 19 January 2014

Found my skin type finally

So the second topic for the 2014 Blogger's Challenge is about skincare. So here goes...

Now, I'm no expert on the subject at all.  It was only after talking with one of the cosmeticians at work about midway through last year that I even started a skincare routine.
This lovely cosmetician told me that I had dry skin (after me thinking previously that I has combination).
So now I start my routine (in the mornings) with a milk cleanser, then tone. At the moment for both of these I'm using Clarins, but it's a bit expensive so will try something new once I run out.
After toning I use an under-eye gel for my baggy eyes. It seriously helps with the puffiness and helps to wake me up in the mornings. Again I'm using a Clarins product for this.
Then I use a serum which deeply moisturizes my skin. I also then use a moisturizer. For both serum and moisturizer I use L'Oreal Youth Luminosity brand which is amazing. I even had a comment from a workmate saying my skin was glowing the other day :D

I try to stick to this every day but I'm not very good at routines. I also exfoliate once a week as well as using a face masque.

And there's my skincare post. Not my normal type of post but it's good for me :P


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