Wednesday, 22 October 2014

First day back teaching

So today I had my first day teaching in almost 3 years. And it went fantastically!

I got the call yesterday so the nerves got me a little bit at first. And yesterday I frantically looked through a pile of teaching stuff that had been stowed away in a wardrobe just in case the teacher hadn't left planning.

Turns out, I shouldn't have worried because the teacher was there when I started! And she had everything planned. Turns out that she was still in the classroom for the majority of the day but was doing testing. There were a few areas that I was unsure about but I think that's mainly because somebody else had planned them and I wasn't sure of how things were done. The kids were fantastic though and didn't have much to worry about in the behaviour area. The behaviour management came back to me almost immediately which was good. On days that I don't teach I've decided to read through some of my texts to refamiliarise myself with the curriculum again.

All in all a great day - the classroom teacher liked me and I have another day lined up next week with a different class. So excited and happy that I left my last job to follow my calling. I absolutely love teaching and hope that this will help me to find a full time position before 2016.
Me teaching a few years back

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