Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Another rambling update type thing.

Hi all you random people :)

Just thought I'd do another quick update type thing on where I hope this blog is going.

The past couple of posts have been sad posts so I hope to make things a bit happier around here.

I haven't really done too many posts about my interests etc so I hope to do so more in the future.

I've recently come to accept that I'm a geek - and a proud one. But I also love music and crafting. You could say that I'm a little bit of an all rounder. Except that I don't play sport. I enjoy watching some sports though.

Anyways, I'm rambling.

The main point of this post is to let you know that I'm going to try to theme my days. It does not mean that there will be a post every day. It means that if a post goes up on a certain day it'll be to do with that days theme.

And with no further ado:

Monday: Domestic Day. Posts could include cooking, baking, crafting, gardening and other random tidbits about my domestic life.

Tuesday: Travel Tuesday. Pretty much what it says. I will talk about places I've visited in the past, places I want to visit and advice I might give to other travellers.

Wednesday: Random Ramblings. This is my day that I talk about whatever I like. It's also the day I'm most likely to actually post something for as I do tend to ramble.

Thursday: 52 weeks of photos challenge. I'll do my best to post the photo for the week on Thursdays.

Friday: Geeky Goodness. This is where I talk about all things that are geeky and awesome. It could be anything from book and game reviews to convention recaps. Basically anything geeky :D

Weekends: I doubt I'll be posting much on weekends. If I do it'll be for a specific reason and I have no idea at this time what it might be.

So there you go. A new direction for the blog. Hopefully it works out. I'm not promising a post every day. But I am (hopefully) going to stick with the themed days.

Hope you're all doing fantastically :)

Ramble over...

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