Tuesday, 5 January 2016

2016 Goals

I'm not going to have too many goals for this year as I find that with too many it gets a bit overwhelming.

1 - Get into a decent exercise routine. I really want to get fit this year. I'd love to not be the person bringing up the rear on bush walks. 

2 - Contribute financially. I haven't had a job for a while now. I do relief work at one school, but I really feel like I need to ramp up my efforts so that we can finally pay back a few loans that we have from our parents.

3 - Keep house clean and tidy. I don't really like housework. Does anyone really? I do tend to procrastinate on it for way too long and the house tends to get a bit dirty. I plan on concentrating on a certain part of the house every day.

4 - Get garden under control. I'm not sure how well this will go. Even if I manage to keep a certain part of it under control. Like my vege boxes. We don't mow our lawn so that won't be included in this (we like the grass a bit longer - AJ chops the seed heads if they get close to knee height though).

5 - Improve blog. I want to blog more regularly. I enjoy it and if I can build it up with regards to readership then that'd be awesome. I've got a second diary this year and already have post ideas for a lot of the year. I also have a list of different things I want to do on my blog.

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