Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Travel Tuesday - Ireland - Waterford Crystal Factory

OMG, I loved the Waterford Crystal Factory. And it's shop. It was one of the places that I definitely wanted to go to when we were planning our trip. AJ was a bit hesitant but admitted afterwards that he really enjoyed it. I highly recommend making the trip to Waterford and going on a tour of the factory. It is fantastic.

Me next to the largest champagne flute I've ever seen.

One of their oldest pieces. 

What they use to mould the shape of some items.

Shaping the crystal.

Blowing the crystal.

Putting the pattern on the glass.

 A recently cut crystal plate before it got polished.

This guy was awesome. He's cutting a vase here and saw that AJ was taking photos so invited him to stand behind him to get a different perspective.

And then the same guy insisted that I hold onto it. I was so scared I was going drop it (I hate to think how much it was worth). It was also really slippery!

A piece recently finished.

For 9/11

The only thing we could afford from the shop. So I now have one of these :D

The following were a couple of my favourite items in the shop:

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