Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Goal Update - June

  • Get in a decent exercise routine - Earlier in the month I wasn't doing too well with this. I didn't want to get changed into my exercise shorts in the cold weather. So I went out and got myself some exercise leggings. I still haven't exercised every day - but I'm definitely getting back into a routine again.

  • Contribute financially - I've had a few days of relieving in June so that took the pressure off a bit. Still no luck on the full time job front though. 

  • Keep house clean and tidy  - I'm getting behind on this again. I went for a while where I did a whole heap of cleaning. Now the house is back to being a mess.

  • Get garden under control  - Hasn't happened. Next time there's a nice day I'm going to rip out some of the old pepper plants that are starting to die back. Need to decide what to plant in the vege boxes next...

  • Improve blog - As a few of my previous posts have mentioned, life has been getting in the way a bit. We had no internet twice in the past month, a few power cuts, I've been sick and I've also worked a few times too. So that got in the way of my schedule. I'm striving to do better though by scheduling posts in advance when I can. Still catching up though...

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