Wednesday, 8 June 2016

McDonalds Create Your Taste

Disclaimer: I was sent a couple of vouchers to try out this service. All views here are my own.

I tried out the McDonald's Create Your Taste recently. It's basic premise is that you get the burger that you want - rather than having to pick out bits you don't like.

AJ and I went in to the local Maccas here in Papakura and selected what we wanted using their touch screen order machines. AJ loved the fact that he didn't have to have mayo or tomatoes. And that he could have BBQ sauce rather than the Mayo that they normally put in their burgers.

I loved that I could leave out pickles and add extras like bacon, egg, pineapple and extra cheese!

After we'd ordered - we were told that they would bring our food to us - a luxury in a fast food restaurant! Everyone else had to wait around and collect theirs themselves.

It was brought out to us shortly afterwards and both our burgers were beautifully presented. The hot chips were even in a little metal basket! Fancy!

We both enjoyed our burgers immensely and would use the service again. In the past AJ has only got chicken nuggets at Maccas due to him not liking a lot of ingredients in the bog standard burgers. He's much more likely to get a burger next time now.

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