Thursday, 23 March 2017

My Favourite Blogs

I have a habit of following waaaaaay too many blogs and it kinda irritates AJ a little bit when I'm constantly reading them. But oh well...
I read a multitude of different types of blogs but the following are some of my favourites.

300 Days of England
Barbara is and Italian gal who lived in England for a while (guess how long) and is now living in Melbourne. I love her random posts about life in general which go from comparing the different places she's lived to observing people on the train. That doesn't even cover a fraction of her awesomeness though. Her writing style is amazing and I highly recommend you check her out.

The Fern Life
I don't even know where to begin with Fern. She is freaking awesome. She a Kiwi mother of four kids but doesn't let that define her. Her writing style is awesome and she is so frank and truthful with what she writes (at least it appears that way). It's like she's actually talking to you and I love that in a blog. I don't like it to be forced and it doesn't appear that she does. She also has a youtube channel where she vlogs. Also, she's shaving her head for charity today which I think is flipping amazing (I'm still building up the guts to do it - I want to though). Go check out her blog and maybe her youtube channel too for an entertaining look at the Fern life :P

Blissful and Domestic
I've been following Danielle's blog for years. She blogs about family life on a budget and has even written her own book on the subject! She's the mother to three kids and they have just moved to Arizona. She's always posting about ways to save money and this includes the occasional recipe. Lately she hasn't been posting quite as much as she has a baby but she also has a youtube channel that you can check out.

Pink Confetti
Nicola is an English blogger who blogs about all sorts of lifestyle bits and bobs. She also blogs about places she has travelled to which I find fascinating to read. She reviews all sorts of things from makeup to restaurants and although I'm unlikely to go restaurants in London - it's still fun to read.

Always Made With Love
Lydia lives in the same city (though I suspect a very different suburb) to me and has two gorgeous kiddies. I love how she reviews a lot of New Zealand brands which I'm not necessarily aware of - especially for children (I'm not pregnant yet, I just like to be prepared). She also posts about life with a toddler and baby as well as some recipes - all of which are easy as. Love this blog :)

I'm going to leave this at five for now. They are in no order whatsoever and there are lots more that I follow that I also enjoy. But these are the ones that sprang to mind when I decided to write about my favourite blogs. I hope you go check them all out and enjoy them as much as I do.

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