Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Shopping Haul

At the end of last year and the start of this one I did a bit of shopping for myself (for a change). THings I got were from Avon, The Warehouse, KikkiK, Kmart and Rose.Mary (yes, that's it's name...).

The girl who lives in front of us sells Avon so I got all of this for $30 in their Christmas deals. Mascara in blackest black. Nail Polish in Mystic. Lipstick is their 24k in nude.
I've noticed with the lipstick that my lips need to be really moisturised so that the glitter doesn't clump in any dry patches. Otherwise looks really pretty. Swatch below.

From The Warehouse I got my diary for the year for $6. Of course it's pink with polka dots on it...nothing else will do...

I went into KikkiK for a present for my sister and came out with more than I planned... Two paper lovers books (filled with various crafty activities) and some gel pens. Can't remember how much they were but there was a 3 for 2 in addition to other discounts. 

Kmart is freaking awesome.
I got these singlets for $5 each
These PJ bottoms with sloths on them were only $10!
I got the pack of makeup remover pads for only $2 and the Maybelline top/base coat for $7. 

From RoseMary I got three awesome maxi skirts for $15 each. I love maxi skirts as they tend to be light and I don't need to worry about sunscreen on my legs.

I don't tend to shop for myself very often so this was a bit of a treat :) 

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