Saturday, 13 October 2012

Laundry adventures

So yesterday, I decided that our bedroom curtains needed washing. They haven't been washed since we moved in, and who knows how long before that it was. Put them in the washing machine, go outside to do a bit of weeding and wonder what the strange clunking noises are. Go back inside to discover that the washing machine was doing a strange dance and that water had leaked all over the laundry floor. 
So, time to clean up.
Remove everything from the laundry and put it outside in the sun (thank goodness it was a nice day). 
Get all the leftover towels to try and mop up the water.
Try to get the curtains out of the washing machine (they were still on a rinse cycle and waterlogged. Very heavy). Fail. Hurt my back.
Go sit down for a while.
Try again (using different angles). Success! Got the curtains out. Put the washing machine back on for the rinse and spin (this time one curtain at a time). 
Curtains still manage to go outside on the washing line and get dry to put them up.

I relax for the rest of the day.

Today, Andrew helped me clean up behind the washing machine as it was still all wet from yesterday. Now, we've got a heater pointed in the laundry with the hope that it will dry out the room a bit better. Hopefully later today or tomorrow we can move stuff back in there.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


We bought our house in December last year. It's a small 3 bedroom place with an overgrown section. We're gradually getting things sorted and fixed but these things cost time and money. Now, I've got plenty of time. I've been unemployed for almost a year. The problem is the money. We need money to fix things like the rotting windowsills. It didn't help that we had to buy a new car last month as our last one broke down and cost more than it was worth to fix. 

It doesn't help that so many of my friends and family have had babies too. It makes me so clucky, but I don't think we can really afford one just yet even though I seem to want one more than anything. We really need to get the house at the very least sorted before we have a family. But I've been unemployed for almost a year and I can't help but think that if I had a baby to look after I might not be quite so lonely during the day.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The start

So I thought I'd start a blog. 

Rosey's Planet comes from a place that I used to daydream about as a child. The sky is green, the grass is blue, the clouds look like polka dots and there are squirrels everywhere. I still travel there in my dreams every now and then as it's a wonderful place where I am trouble-free.

This blog will be where I put down my thoughts of my day-to-day life. At the moment it consists of applying for jobs and trying to get our house organised.