Thursday, 4 September 2014

Long haul flights - the only good bit

Long haul flights are generally horrible. You're cramped into seats with very little legroom for way too long and you don't get a lot of sleep. Oh, and you get told to put your window shade down when you don't want to (that seriously irritated me - I like looking out the window!)

The only good thing that I could find was the fact that there were heaps of free tv shows and movies to watch. Movies that I normally wouldn't consider watching but ended up enjoying.

Here's a list of ones that still linger in my mind almost two months after the flight:

The Book Thief - probably one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. The narrator is Death. And the story bases itself around a little girl in Germany in the Second World War who loves to read. An amazing story which made me bawl a bit (much to the astonishment of some surrounding passengers).

The Lego Movie - 'everything is awesome!' For a kids movie, I actually really enjoyed this. The storyline was weird but the animation was really good. It probably helped that I was overtired while watching this and found it hilarious.

The Darjeeling Express - another weird movie. Three American brothers with through India on a train. And get in trouble. A lot. Basically it's about their adventures but presented in a really funny way.

The Grand Budapest Hotel - yet another strange movie (maybe excessive tiredness contributed to my selections). The story of the owner of hotel and how he inherited it from it's previous (very strange) owner. Involved some really funny bits but also serious bits (Nazis etc).

I would love to see them again but this time not at altitude. I kept having to get up to let the old lady beside use the loo multiple times and also kept getting distracted by my swelling ankles and sleepiness.