About me

Hi, I'm Rosemary (Rosey for short). I'm married to Andrew and we live in our own little house in Papakura, New Zealand. Neither of us particularly likes housework or weeding, but we're getting there in terms of looking after our little slice of 'heaven'.

I'm a trained Primary School teacher who has been unable to find full time work. I've been relieving every now and then.

I'm more than slightly obsessed with the colour pink and with polka dots. I am obsessed with teas of different varieties and have a dedicated tea shelf with at least 15 different kinds right now. I also love my Celtic heritage and fell in love with Ireland and Scotland when we visited in 2014. I love to travel and wish we could travel more often.

I post about whatever I feel like. It might be a rant, products I like, previous trips, illnesses, life etc. etc. 

The name Rosey's Planet comes from the imaginary world I made up when I was young. The sky is green, the grass is blue, there are polka dots everywhere and little squirrels are scampering in the bushes.

So welcome to Rosey's Planet. Stay a while and have a cup of tea (or two, or three...)

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