Saturday, 10 October 2015

Five years....

It's been five years since you passed away,

I miss you every day.

You gave me advice when needed,

It was definitely heeded.

I treasure the moments we had,

I just wish I could have more, it makes me mad.

Cancer is such a horrible thing,

It left us with no more time with you, nothing.

I hope that you are happy wherever you are,

Know that thoughts of you are coming from afar.

RIP Aunty Maureen

Aunty Maureen sitting. I'm the one in polka dots. The others are my sisters and my Dad. This is from years and years ago.

NB: originally this was going to be a normal post. I don't normally write poetry at all. But my Aunty Maureen was a writer and a teacher. It just came to me that this was the way to do it. The day after she passed away I had my interview for Teacher Training College. And the day after the interview was her funeral. Such a week. I hope she knows that she was such an inspiration to me. I really do miss her every day.