Saturday, 15 February 2014

Value for money

The fourth topic of the Blogger Challenge is to talk about high end products.

My problem with this topic is that I don't even really know what that is. I go for value for money. If a certain product does what I want better than cheaper options, then I might pay more for it but that's not always the case.

I once splashed out and bought a whole heap of Clarins products which cost me quite a bit of money. I'd much rather spend my money elsewhere. So now, whenever I need a new product I'll do a bit of research first and decide which product will do what I want for the least amount of money. Of course, sometimes this doesn't work out amazingly. But then, you just try a different product until you find one that  you think is perfect for you.

It's the same with clothes. I like to buy clothes that suit me. I'm not worried about brand or anything like that. I'm just worried about if it suits me and what quality it is. Sometimes with clothing, it does mean spending a bit more than you would on cheap clothes from, say, The Warehouse, but it will last longer.

So, all in all, I think it all depends on what YOU want from a product. I just want to be happy, and save money for things I really want (like a holiday).

(Do not claim this photo as my own. From RadioLive website)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Book Review - Wheel of Time series

Now, I know that the third challenge was for a normal book review, but I'm enjoying the Wheel of Time series to much I thought I'd do it on what I've read so far.

All in all, there are 14 books in the series and I'm up to book 8 "The Path of Daggers".

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy series set in a world where the 'Dark One' is trying to take over. The 'Dragon Reborn' is a man who is trying to counter that. He has many people who try to help in various ways. There are his friends Mat and Perrin who are also very influential. There's also some very strong female characters in the form of the Aes Sedai  and Wise Ones (women who can use magic).

The Wheel of Time series is great in that it explores different cultures and the interactions between them. Also, the interactions between the different characters is amazing. They really do seem like real people.

While reading this series you really feel as though you're almost experiencing what's happening - or at least watching from afar. There's always something different going on and there are many different storylines to follow that all interlink in some way.

I try to read one chapter a night but sometimes I find myself reading much more (much to my husband's annoyance - but it's his fault, he introduced me to the series).

If you've never tried reading a fantasy series, then I suggest this one. If you are a woman like me who never read fantasy until her husband recommended it, then I suggest giving it a go. Especially if you choose a book that has strong female characters.