Thursday, 1 January 2015

Goals for 2015

Here are some goals I will do my best to achieve in 2015.

1 - I'm going to continue the hunt for a full time teaching role and hopefully be successful.

2 - I'm going to endeavor to keep the house clean - need to get it that way first.

3 - I'm going to start crafting again - hopefully making cards for some birthdays etc.

4 - We're going to make a budget and stick to it. Because I only do relief teaching right now, there's no guaranteed income for me, so we mostly rely on AJ's income.

5 - We're going to finish paying back our parents money that we've borrowed. I still owe my parents money for my wedding dress (from almost 6 years ago!) and we still owe AJ's parents money for our car.

6 - Finish my Diploma of Business that I started years ago and never completed. Would be a good back up option if my teaching thing doesn't work out.

7 - Start an exercise routine and stick to it. I'm way too lazy right now. I'd love to get back to my wedding weight (I need to lose 17kg for that).

8 - Try to eat healthier. Because AJ is such a fussy eater, I might struggle a bit. I'll see if I can find some nice, cheap, healthy recipes. Bring on Pinterest!

9 - Make an effort to catch up with friends that I haven't seen in ages.