Friday, 4 October 2013


As I write this smells are wafting over the fence from our neighbours. Delicious smells of a barbeque. Why must they have their BBQ set up so close to the fence?I'm sitting here absolutely craving a nice steak done on the BBQ.

But I can't have one. We don't have a barbeque. We seriously must be one of the few NZ households that don't. And I miss it.

Now that we're coming into summer, I want one. On those warm summer evenings I want a barbequed steak and a nice salad. OM NOM.

I want to be like this kiwi dude below (except without DAD on the apron - I'll never be a dad :P )

Yours sincerely,

A Kiwi without a barbeque


  1. BBQ's are so good. We use ours so often in summer, I really need to get a cover. Plus it's a bottle to go in the gas heater for when the power is out and the heatpump doesn't go. Mmmmmm, I'm craving a nice rare steak now....

  2. Love a good BBQ, especially in Summer!! You have a new follower :)