Friday, 23 May 2014

Update and a promise

So late last year I decided to do the 2014 Blogger Challenge hosted by Gaby at .

I've been pretty on to it with posting topics etc. Some topics I like a lot more than others which is evident in my posting on them. Some are a lot more brief than others.

So I have decided that I will use the Blogger Challenge topics as a guideline for future blog posts. I will still try to get them up on time but life has a habit of getting in the way sometimes. Especially with a big holiday coming up with which my only access to the internet will be through my phone when there's free wifi. 

So this is my promise to the lovely people who actually look at this little piece of the internet:
I will continue to blog, but when I can. I will continue to do posts on the 2014 Blogger Challenge, but they might not be on time.

So don't panic if there's a big space of time when I'm not posting - chances are I'm off enjoying myself, adventuring around the world. I'm not going to post where I'm going or when (due to being burgled a few years back while away I'm very conscious about who I tell about these types of thing), but rest assured, there will be a lot of posts when I'm back again. My sister gave me a book to use as a travel diary and I fully intend to use it.

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