Thursday, 1 January 2015

Goals for 2015

Here are some goals I will do my best to achieve in 2015.

1 - I'm going to continue the hunt for a full time teaching role and hopefully be successful.

2 - I'm going to endeavor to keep the house clean - need to get it that way first.

3 - I'm going to start crafting again - hopefully making cards for some birthdays etc.

4 - We're going to make a budget and stick to it. Because I only do relief teaching right now, there's no guaranteed income for me, so we mostly rely on AJ's income.

5 - We're going to finish paying back our parents money that we've borrowed. I still owe my parents money for my wedding dress (from almost 6 years ago!) and we still owe AJ's parents money for our car.

6 - Finish my Diploma of Business that I started years ago and never completed. Would be a good back up option if my teaching thing doesn't work out.

7 - Start an exercise routine and stick to it. I'm way too lazy right now. I'd love to get back to my wedding weight (I need to lose 17kg for that).

8 - Try to eat healthier. Because AJ is such a fussy eater, I might struggle a bit. I'll see if I can find some nice, cheap, healthy recipes. Bring on Pinterest!

9 - Make an effort to catch up with friends that I haven't seen in ages.


  1. How are your goals goin? I find it hard to stick to goals, especially the keep the house tidy one. I've started inviting ppl over to motivate myself to clean and tidy - works a treat!

    1. Some are going better than others. We have people staying with us at the end of next month so I'll have to make sure the place is clean and tidy by then :P I might do an update post again.