Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Travel Tuesday - Ireland - Ring of Beara

I absolutely love finding out about my ancestry. I love listening to stories that my grandparents tell me about their childhoods in Ireland. So when I found out that my Grandad's family (the O'Sullivans) came from the Beara Peninsula originally I wanted to find out more. 

I found out that Dunboy Castle was one of the places where the O'Sullivans holed up back in the day so we went there. Then we decided we wanted to explore the whole peninsula as it was so beautiful. We discovered that Dursey Island off the tip of the peninsula was another place where the O'Sullivans lived back in the day. It was truly one of our favourite parts of Ireland. Another bonus is that it wasn't nearly as touristy as the next peninsula up - The Ring of Kerry.

Here are some photos of our trip around the Ring of Beara. There are quite a few....

The gatehouse to Dunboy Castle

Me examining the ruins of Dunboy Castle

The cable car to Dursey Island. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time spare to go check it out.

The water here was so clear!

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