Monday, 18 July 2016

Home To-Do List

Last week I wrote down our to-do list for our garden which you can find here.

This week I am going to talk about the list of things we should do around the actual house. Also has quite a few expensive things on the list which will be done when we can afford them (maybe we should start buying lotto ticket...).


  • Front door. Those people who have come to our house in the last few years have probably been baffled by the fact that we don't use our front door (salespeople have - and gotten quite annoyed - ah well :P ). Basically, a few years ago I was rushing out the door on my way to work (back when I worked at Farmers) and the door wouldn't shut. I tried multiple times and it wouldn't catch. Not until I put my full body weight behind it. It also opens outwards. So anyone on the front doorstep would then have to step back off it if we were to open it. So yeah, we need a new front door... 
  • Ceiling insulation. There is some there at the moment but it's not very good. And it blows around. AJ went up there yesterday to move it around as we were getting patches of mould on the bedroom ceiling. Sure enough, the places that had no insulation matched up with the mould patches on the ceiling.  We have no idea how old that insulation is so at some stage we'll just need to get it replaced. Ideally we'd like to get insulation in the walls too but this is unlikely.
  • New windows and windowsills. This is a big job. Whether or not we ever get around to it only time will tell. Basically, a lot of the windowsills are starting to rot. Mainly because the windows themselves have no drainage points at the bottom to let condensation out. So it just gathers on the windowsills. We wipe them down, but the damage has already been done from previous people who have lived here. Also the seals on most of the windows don't work. 
  • New ceiling in living area/kitchen. Originally we were wanting this done when we first moved in.We have the horrible popcorn ceiling that was popular back in like the 70s or something. We were able to get it taken off in the rest of the house, but in the living area it had been painted over so many times that it couldn't be taken off without damaging the ceiling. So need to have the whole ceiling replaced at some stage. 
  • New doorknobs. Some of these have been done already. But others still need to be done. Ideally we want them all to match. 
  • Clean outside of house. This will be done in the summertime. Probably when I can put on my togs (swimsuit) and go out there with the hose and a brush. It's way too cold to do that right now. 
  • Painting. The inside walls of our house are all beige. Anything is better than beige. So hopefully at some stage we'll be able to paint our walls some nicer colours. 
So there's the to-do list of various things we need to do around the house. Some very expensive things on the list. So whether or not we get them done before we sell (at some stage in the future), we'll just wait and see. 
Of course there's normal housework and stuff that I always have to do but that goes without saying. Speaking of which, it's kitchen day today so I need to go give the kitchen a good clean. 

Hope you enjoyed reading our massive to-do list :)

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