Monday, 7 November 2016

My Craft Collection - Knitting Supplies

So I'm not a very good knitter. In fact, I've never finished knitting anything and I'm still on my first scarf which I started at least 5 years ago. And yet I still have a HEAP of yarn and knitting supplies (majority of it was gifted).
One day I will finish something. I have no idea when and if I will ever use up all of this yarn but you never know...

So this post is dedicated to all of my yarn, wool, knitting needles and other random knitting supplies.

 This is how I store all of my yarn:

All of my yarn. A lot of it is polyester but I have a lot of actual wool and cotton yarn as well as a bit of alpaca in amongst it.

Knitting and crochet needles. Also have some tapestry needles and counters that I haven't opened...

These are the books that hold any patterns that I end up making:

My 5 year scarf that isn't finished next too the bag that my Nana made for me:

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