Wednesday, 22 July 2015

If I won a million dollars...

Oh, it would be amazing to win a million dollars. I'd want to do so much with the money but I'd have to be sensible first of all and do the following:

  • PUT THE MONEY IN THE BANK! Extra interest would be great :D
  • Pay back both sets of parents all of the money we owe them
  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Pay back my student loan
After all of those debts had been paid off, I would probably do the following:

  • Hire someone to fix all of the things that need fixing in the house and re-do the bathroom.
  • Build a carport
  • Landscape the garden
  • Put the house on the market
  • Buy a house that has enough room for our future family - hopefully closer to AJ's work
  • Donate a certain amount to a charity (would all depend how much I had left - a certain percentage of leftover money)
Then, if there was any money left after all of that, I would:

  • Buy an Audi R8 (my favourite car)
  • Do AJ's dream trip of California and SW USA
  • Go to Europe again
  • Visit Geneva, NY (where I lived as a kid) and tour around the Eastern US
  • Visit Canada
  • Go on an Alaskan cruise

I definitely wouldn't have any money left after all of that (especially because I'd probably be shopping as well :P ). So since we'd have more savings, I'd put it towards buying a holiday home somewhere in the North Island where I could see the mountains.

Of course, once we have kids, these dreams could change...

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