Friday, 5 February 2016

Fantasy Meme Tag Thing

So for the Solstice my friend Dragonlady did this Fantasy Meme. So I decided it looked interesting enough to do for myself. 

Who is your favourite living mythic artist?
John Howe. I think he's amazing.

Who is your favourite mythic artist from the past?
I'm not sure I have one. I like so many different artists it's hard to think of one from the past that stands out. Not necessarily a mythic artist - but I do like Monet.

Who is your favourite living author?
Unfortunately most of my favourite authors have now passed away. I do like Patrick Rothfuss though.

Who is your favourite author from the past?
David Eddings

What is your favourite Pre-Raphaelite painting?
I'm not sure I know enough about artwork to answer this question.

What is your favourite fairy tale?
I never really had a favourite. I do love some of the Celtic fairy tales involving Finn McCool. I have a book of celtic fairy tales that I read through every now and then.

What is your favorite ballad?
Don't have one that I can think of.

If you could go for a walk in a faerie wood with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose and why?
My husband because we love to travel together and this would be an amazing thing to experience together.

If you were a faerie creature (and of course some already are), what sort would you be? (troll, pixie, etc)
Nymph. I just think they're incredibly beautiful - well the depictions I've seen anyways.

What item in your wardrobe makes you feel the most magical when you wear it?
My purple t-shirt with a unicorn, castle, rainbow and stars on it. It's pure awesome.

Who is a living artist who you feel isn't as well-known as they should be?
My lovely friend Dragonlady who I nicked this meme thing from. Her artwork is amazing and such a unique style.

What are some of your totem jewelry items that make you feel magical to wear?
I have a lot of jewellery and a lot of it feels magical. The best ones for this feeling though is my Lord of the Rings jewellery. So pretty! I want to dress up as an elf and wear these with a pretty elf dress. And a head-dress! Ooooh, my mind has pretty thoughts now...

What mythic or folkloric story resonates the most for you on a personal level?
I think that most tend to resonate with me as I get so into stories. So I can't pick one in particular. 

Studded jacket or fairy crown?
Why not both?

Antlers or fairy wings (if you have to choose)?
Again, why not both? I don't want to choose.

You are getting sparkling strands in your hair that look like iridescent magic (Fhairy Strands). What color/s do you choose?
Pink! Of course...

You have just been given an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, with the caveat that it must be a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts. Where do you choose to go?
Probably Ireland. Or Scotland. These two countries just resonate with me and I feel homesick for them even though I've never lived in either place.

You have just been given $20,000, with the caveat that you must use it to support the work of artists you admire. What will you buy and by whom?
I wouldn't buy just one artist's work. I'd buy many different works. I would shop around and see who's work I like the best. 

Faeriecon is celebrating its ten year anniversary next year. Imagine you are attending a big celebratory ball, and you have unlimited budget to create a costume. What will you wear?
Elf costume complete with beautiful dress, head-dress and jewellery. I'd have my make-up and hair done too. 

If you could have any author’s work turned into a television show that would spare no expense, what book or series would you choose?
The Wheel of Time series would make a fantastic continuing TV show.

Who are your favorite children’s book authors and illustrators who you feel really capture magic?
I really liked Margaret Mahy's books. She wrote books that let kids explore their imagination which is hugely important. Such a pity that she passed away a few years ago.

What song do you feel best bares your soul?
Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Nightwish.

Name five singers/musical groups who feel like your own personal brand of magic when you listen to them.
Nightwish, Within Temptation, Foo Fighters, Chvrches, and just recently I've been really into Disturbed.

You are given a choice: castle by the sea, or cozy cottage in the forest. Which would you choose?
This is a really hard choice. I love both the sea and the forest. Ultimately I'd like a castle in a forest and then a cottage by the sea (I really just like to change these things don't I? :P )

You go walking in an extremely magical area of nature and have an incredibly spiritual experience. What item of gratitude do you choose to leave for the spirits/fey/nature?
Nothing. I believe in leaving nothing behind and that's the best sign of gratitude for nature. 'Leave nothing but footprints'

What grows or would grow in your enchanted garden?
Herbs, flowers and lots of garden for faeries to linger in

If you were making Stone Soup, what ingredients would you ask for?

I'm not sure I understand the question. Stone? Water?

Who is your top mentor/inspiration in the creative arts you wish to pursue?
I've been really enjoying crafting lately and Karen Kavett is awesome. She's a crafter and puts videos on youtube as well as things on her blog.

Name an interstitial artist whose work is hard to put into one category, but who you think is phenomenal.
I have absolutely no idea.

For doing a favor for the King of Faerie, he offers you your own house fey. What sort of house fey do you choose and what would they do?

I would have a brownie. I really don't like doing housework and one of these would be great for doing tasks around the house at night.

What quote best encapsulates your spiritual goals and beliefs?
If you want the rainbow - you have to put up with the rain.

So that's that. Sorry I couldn't answer all of the questions. It was a bit more art based than I originally thought. Hope you enjoyed it :)

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