Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Travel Tuesday - London - Tower of London

Welcome to Travel Tuesday - the day of the week where I tell you about a place I've travelled to in the past.
For the past few weeks I've been talking about awesome places I've been to in London. This week will continue that trend - with a focus on the Tower of London.

I should also specify that we got a 'London Pass' that gave unlimited travel within certain zones (I forget which) and entry to many of the attractions that we were interested in. The Tower of London was included in this pass.

The day that we went to the Tower of London was a beautiful, blue skied summers day. We got up early and got there before it opened. So worth it as there was already a bit of a queue. Once we got in we headed straight to see the crown jewels as we knew it would be unbearably crowded there later on. You can't take photos in there but we did get a photo of the guard outside.

You might need to actually click on the image to see the guard - but this proves how quiet it was when we first got there.

From there we went to the armoury where there was a plethora of armour, swords, guns, polearms, and other weaponry. The following photos are some of my favourites.

We wandered around many parts of the Tower and saw lots of graffiti from former prisoners, traitors gate and the houses where the Yeomen warders live. The following pictures are a selection from our wanderings.

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