Friday, 4 March 2016

Book Review - 'I'm Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)' by Felicia Day

First off, let me just say that I love Felicia Day. I first discovered her through her Youtube channetl 'Geek and Sundry' and automatically liked what I saw. Her weird and awkward online demeanour fascinated me. And helped me to realise that you can just be yourself and still be successful.

So, when I found out she was writing a book I got hugely excited. And evidently so did AJ as he bought the book and read it before me (I let him - reluctantly). So after he finished reading it I managed to get my hands on it myself. And wow was I in for a treat...

My first impression of just looking at the book was WOW! The book is beautiful.

When I actually started reading it (and not just staring at the cool holographic dress Felicia is wearing on the cover), I was struck by how relaxed it was. It was as if she was actually talking to me in my head (that's not that weird - is it). All the way through I could imagine her actually saying everything as if we were having a conversation and she was doing all of the talking.

She starts the book by talking about her childhood and how her unique upbringing contributed to her weirdness. A real eye-opener into a different way of life.
She goes on to talk about how computers and the internet have had such an impact on her life and her highs and lows that have happened over the years.

'I'm Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)' is a fantastic book about how you can become a success from humble (and weird) beginnings. It's a book of overcoming obstacles and learning as you go. It's a book that talks about the good and bad of the internet as well as the realities of the real world - rejection etc.

I loved this book. It was so easy to read and I related to a lot of what she talked about. I too have struggled to get into the industry I wanted. After reading this book I feel inspired to tackle something different - something outside the norm.

So thank you Felicia. Thank you for being so open and honest about life. It really is inspiring. I actually read it a little while ago now. I need a boost so I think I may just read it again this evening.

If you want to buy this book (which I highly recommend) you can get it here.

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