Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Travel Tuesday - London - Tower Bridge

It's Tuesday today which means it's time to talk about somewhere I've travelled. Each Tuesday I'm talking about somewhere (near or far) that I've travelled to that I liked.

This week I'm still in London, although this time I'm focussing on the Tower Bridge.

We started our Tower Bridge adventure by sitting under it eating our lunch.

Then we wandered up onto it and made our way to the entrance.

We used our London Pass for entry and caught an elevator up to the top where the views up and down the Thames were incredible.

London is such a beautiful city and the Tower Bridge is a fantastic place to get a view from. AJ reckoned it was better than the London Eye (which, for the record cost a small fortune so we didn't go on it). Up the top of the bridge there was a gallery as well which (at the time) had an exhibition on 60s photography. Quite interesting. You could also see the mechanics used when it lifts to let a ship through (it's a drawbridge). 

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