Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Happy New Year - what's happening on Rosey's Planet this coming year...

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had an amazing festive season! It was our first Christmas just AJ and myself and we had a great day :) Now that AJ's back to work and I've still got a few weeks before any potential relief work I thought I'd get back blogging. Because it's fun 😁

Now, the latter part of 2016 I didn't post nearly as much as I'd originally intended - mainly because I was getting a lot of work (signing up for an agency really works). Therefore I didn't have the extra time to write my blog posts. Which is annoying because I have so many post ideas buzzing around in my head! I've now written them all down so I don't forget them and will write as many as I can in advance and schedule them.

There will be no guaranteed number of posts per week. I'd rather not have the pressure. So some weeks there might be 5 posts and other weeks there'll be 0. It all depends on how things go.

I'm going to try and keep my days themed as the following:

  • Monday - Domestic Day. If I post this day it'll include things like recipes, garden updates, crafting, and things like that. 
  • Tuesday - Travel Tuesday. This is the day dedicated to posts about my past travels. I've been lucky enough to travel to quite a few places and I'd love to share some of our photos and experiences from these places with you. They will be in no particular order - only that I'll post each trips ones together. For example - I'm still working through the posts from our 5 week European holiday that we took back in 2014.
  • Wednesday - Random Ramblings. This is the day where I post things that don't fit in any of my other themes. For example I would post hauls and reviews here. It's a day for all the random things essentially. If I go to a concert or show that was particularly cool (or bad) then I'll post about it on this day. 
  • Thursday - Thursday Thoughts. This is the day where I'll express my opinion on particular things. It may contain political things, religious things, etc. I try not to be controversial but this would be the day that I post things that could potentially be construed as such.
  • Friday - Geeky Goodness. This is the day for all things geeky. There will be board game reviews, posts on geeky swag, geeky clothing etc. Basically, if it's geeky - it'll be posted about on a Friday.
  • Weekends - Weekends are not put aside for any particular theme. They will be for anything. I don't foresee there being many posts on weekends but their there if I need them.

So, those are my plans for 2017 on the blog. I hope you enjoy my future posts where my ultimate goal is for an average of 2 posts a week. Have a fantastic year guys!

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