Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Results of 2016 Goals and 2017 goals

I thought that it was about time that I went over how I went in my goals for the past year. Some went better than others and some I will probably try and improve on this coming year. In fact, all of my goals from last year are going to be the same. Boring, but they are things I need to improve on.

1Get into a decent exercise routine. I did ok with this one up until about August which is when I started to pick up more work. I found I was too tired to exercise once I got home and ran out of time in the mornings. So a bit of a fail on that one. This coming year I'm going to try and work out a routine that I can do as well as work.

2 - Contribute financially. This is one that I actually had a bit of success on - especially in the latter third of the year. I signed up to Education Personnel who gave me a lot more relief work. It was mainly at low decile schools but I loved it. I'm looking forward to working with them again this coming year. My goal is to work on average 3 days a week (start and ends of terms tend to be a bit slower).

3 - Keep house clean and tidy. Um. No. This did not happen. I had plans. But they didn't eventuate. I do think I'm a bit better at putting things away but the house is desperate for a good clean. That's going to be my main goal for this year. Try and get this house in order. Including decluttering and deep cleaning things. I have school holidays that I can do things and I need to stop being lazy and actually do them.

4 - Get my garden under control. For most of 2016 this was a fail. Then when I decided to plant strawberries, tomatoes and peppers I cleared the vege boxes. And then let them get overgrown again. Goal for this year is to keep the areas that we have actually put edging down and the planter boxes under control.

5 - Improve blog. I'm not it's improved as such - but I did post a lot more often. Especially when I was keeping up with the photo challenge. Goal for this year is to post on average twice a week and to comment on other people's blogs. I read so many - the least I can do is comment :)

So there are my goals and how they went last year. They are going to stay the same for this year but you never know, things may well change. In which case, I'll let you know...

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