Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Travel Tuesday - Where we went in Europe - a brief overview

In June and July of 2014 AJ and I went on a big five week holiday in England, Ireland, Scotland and Paris. We had an amazing time, met up with family and friends and saw some places that I'd been wanting to see my entire life.

We spent about a week in London, utilising the 'London Pass' as much as possible. Saw some amazing sights in and around Greater London.

After that we spent 5 days camping at the Download Festival in Derby. Was an amazing experience as here in New Zealand we generally don't have big festivals like that (especially in the rock/metal genre - which we love).

After the festival we went to Ireland where we hired a car and tried to cram as much as we could into each day. We were there for about 9 days but could have spent a lot longer.

We then headed to Scotland which we adored. We managed to have really nice weather and saw a lot more of Scotland than we had originally intended - including driving the road right up the Northern part.

We then spent a few days in the Lake District with some friends showing us around before heading to Norfolk which is where one branch of my family came from before immigrating to New Zealand in the 1860s.

We then took the Eurostar over to Paris and spent a day and half there with amazing friends who we'd only previously met on the internet.

So that's a brief overview of our trip. Over the next few weeks I'll be talking about each part in more detail. We'll see just how much detail once I actually start writing.

Cheers for reading :D

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