Saturday, 4 June 2016

Life happens...

So I had big plans on catching up on things after the internet went out a few weekends ago. Then life happened. Power cuts, work (I relief teach), sickness etc...

So I've decided to post when I can. I know I keep changing my mind and stuff and I apologise for that. I hope to post regularly but I'm not guaranteeing every week.

I'll try to schedule posts in advance when I can. I'll still be sticking to a theme for each day which will be:

Mon: Domestic - anything to do with the home. Could be recipes, DIYs, garden, homemaking etc.

Tues: Travel - posts about places I've been.

Wed: Random - posts that don't fit into other categories.

Thurs: 52 Weeks of Memories photo challenge.

Fri: Geeky - anything geek related. Board games, geeky shows, computer games, geeky books etc

Weekends - rants. If I feel I need a good rant about something it'll be posted on the weekend. Probably not as often as others.

So, a recap. No guarantees of a post every day. Or even every week. Life happens so I'll post when I can. I hope to get ahead at times but I can almost guarantee I'll get behind too. We'll see what happens :)

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