Monday, 4 April 2016

My Tea Collection - Fruit Teas

It's no secret that I love tea. It's also no secret that I love fruit. Put the two of them together and you have a winner.
I went to the supermarket a few months ago with AJ and while he was off getting something else he left me with the trolley in the tea section. By the time he returned I had put at least half of the Healtheries fruit teas in the trolley. He stopped me (much to my indignation) and said that I could try other types once I've used up the ones I have. I am thinking of sneaking some more in next time we go to the supermarket though :P

So onto the teas...

Healtheries Tangerine and Orange
I was first introduced to this tea by my Aunty Maureen (RIP) back in 2009. It has the delicious flavour of the citrus fruits though I will warn you that it tastes more of the rind then the actual fruit pulp. It does say on it that it's a dietary supplement which I'd never noticed before (it has Vitamin C in it). I'm a little bit over it now to be honest and will probably not replace it once it's used up.

Healtheries Cranberry and Apple
This has a delicious tangy taste to it that I adore. You can definitely taste both the cranberry and apple. It would be equally delicious cold as hot.

Healtheries Hawkes Bay Nectarine
This tastes like nectarine juice. It is seriously one of the nicest fruit teas I have.

Healtheries Pomegranate and Grape with tangy orange peel
This probably has the strongest  flavour of all of the fruit teas I have. It has a real tang to it that is delicious and really wakes you up. 

Healtheries Tropical with mango, pineapple and passionfruit
This is a great blend of tropical flavours. It's really refreshing when cold so I normally let it cool down before drinking it.

Healtheries Crisp Green Apple
This is the nicest apple tea I've found and I've been looking for a while. It has a beautiful crisp apple taste (as it says).

Healtheries Central Otago Apricot with passionfruit
I was disappointed with this tea. It really doesn't have a lot of flavour at all. Even when left to soak for ages.

Twinings Raspberry and Peach
This drink is a delicious blend of raspberry and peach. It has a really strong flavour that is really refreshing.

Twinings Mango and Strawberry
This is AJ's favourite fruit tea as it has the strongest flavours of all of the teas here. I think it tastes more of strawberry than mango. It's very nice but personally I prefer other teas.

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