Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Travel Tuesday - Ireland - Ardmore

When we went to Ireland, we weren't expecting to go to so many round towers. But after we went to Glendalough we looked up to see what other ones there were around Ireland as we liked it so much.

Ardmore is a small seaside village further South from Waterford. The old monastery sits up on a hill overlooking the village and a beautiful golden sandy beach. It was established by St Declan and has his tomb in the complex (though it got pillaged throughout the ages). It also had some Ogham stones which I was very excited about (one of the oldest alphabets in the world - look it up!).

Ogham stone

Ogham stone

Inside the Cathedral

St Declan's tomb

A random castle further along from the Monastery

Down at the water's edge there are these random fake cottages

St Declan's stone

Random dude who started playing really cool music on the banjo

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