Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Things I love About Autumn

It's now autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and that means it's finally starting to cool down!
Here are some of my favourite things about Autumn..

  • The cooler weather - Seriously, I get over the warmth of summer so quickly. There's only so many clothes you can take off (legally)! I love not being too hot and not being too cold.

  • The clothes - I love clothes that are designed for autumn. There are so many cool sweaters around! I bought a new one with pandas on the front from Farmers recently that I've been living in while the weather's been a bit chilly (I may or may not be wearing it now). See here for it.

  • The leaves - I absolutely adore seeing the leaves change colour and fall to the ground. It hasn't really started here yet but I can't wait until it does.
    Yes, that is me. No, it is not recent.
  • Warm drinks - The cooler weather means I can have multiple teas again without overheating! And you all know how much I love my teas! I'm also partial to a nice hot chocolate :)

  • Snuggling - I love to snuggle, but in summer it is too hot to do so generally (I still do in small doses). I love snuggling with AJ, my blankets, my stuffed animals, generally anything snuggleable will do :D

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